Knoxville Limo Pricing Policies

At Knoxville Limo, we do our best to find every avenue that can lead us to giving you the lowest quote possible. That's why we say that it's best to just call us with as many details as you have regarding your event or special date and we will do what we can to accommodate you!

We're sure that you've done some shopping around and you may have come across a 'flat-rate' or two. Chances are, these are very misleading. In the limo and party bus business, the only true way to save you money is to utilize everything within the industry that can be used and we definitely do that!

The day of the week can factor in to how much money you save, the time of the year also can, which vehicle you need vs. which vehicle you may think that you need and many other things ... So, give our helpful staff a call and we'll do what we can to save you money and help you to focus on more pertinent things. We make it our company custom to give the most fair rates possible and you'll find that when you call "Knoxville Limo"!

Can we help you for your big day?!

Now that you have a good handle on how we handle our fair and honest pricing practices, you're going to want to know that we are able to handle any event with the utmost professionalism and give that touch of class to your big event&hellip