Frequently asked questions for Knoxville Limo

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the vehicles?

Yes. That is one benefit of hiring a company whose vehicles and drivers are all completely licensed! As long as everyone on the trip is of legal drinking age and the driver isn't furnishing the drinks, your drinks are allowed!

Is smoking allowed on vehicles?

To keep our vehicles in brand-new, pristine condition, we ask that you don't smoke inside them.

What is the minimum amount of time that a limousine or party bus must be rented for?

This varies, based on a lot of factors. While the customary block of time is six hours, there are Wedding Specials, Peak Season Specials and other variables involved. Please call us for information on your particular needs.

Is the driver's tip included in the total quote that I get?

Yes. The minimum tip is included in your total - as is tax and unlimited stops and gas. Now, if you feel that your driver did a very good job, we urge you to tip accordingly.

How many passengers fit on your vehicles?

Per D.O.T regulations, the seating capacity is based on fourteen inches of sitting space per rider. Therefore, for adult passengers and a bit of extra comfort, we recommend that you always book a vehicle with a few more seats than you have passengers.